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Valentine's Day in Melbourne

Some of the best restaurants and hotels in Australia can be found in Melbourne. Whether it's a romantic dinner by the water or cosmopolitan city dining, Valentine's Day in Melbourne has something for everyone.

Valentine's Day Melbourne at St Kilda

Watch the sunset over St Kilda Beach in Melbourne with your valentine or enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day gifts of champagne and chocolates. Wander along the beach and onto the iconic St Kilda Pier for dinner and enjoy some of the best views of Melbourne.Delight your date with a box of long stemmed roses to show you much you love them and to top the evening off .

Romantic Tandem Cycling on Valentine's Day in Melbourne

Looking for unique Valentine's Day ideas? Why not share a tandem bike with your loved one and cycle along the Yarra River for a unique Valentine's Day experience. Operators offer cycling and lunch packages for a special romantic day with your valentine.

Valentine's Day Melbourne – Tramcar Restaurant

The Tramcar Restaurant travels the city streets through some of Melbourne's most iconic areas. This unique restaurant is a favourite for proposals and romantic Valentine's Day dining. Surprise your loved one with flowers or other gifts for an extra special Valentine's Day Melbourne moment.

Roses Only offers an exceptional range of gifts to enhance your Valentine's Day Melbourne experience. Choose from stunning flowers to romantic hampers containing champagne, chocolates, candles and more.

A romantic night in – Valentine’s Day Melbourne

If you are planning a romantic night in for your Valentines Day Melbourne, take a look through Roses Only’s Valentine’s Day eMagazine, which includes tips on romantic meals, recipes and song suggestions to help you compile a Valentine’s Day love song playlist.

For those looking to cook their loved one a special dinner for Valentine’s Day, why not choose a three course menus that features foods that inspire passion this Valentine’s Day. Three unique choices and lesser know aphrodisiacs include asparagus, honey and chocolate.

Champagne has also long been associated with love and romance. With the aromas of its sweet bubbles and the sound of the popping cork, a romantic night in will be topped off with a glass of champagne and a delivery of red roses. Include a gift box or a botte of champagne with your roses to send that extra bit of love this Valentine’s Day.

Movies – Valentine’s Day Melbourne

A movie is the perfect way to follow you romantic night in, or out in Melbourne, on Valentine’s Day. The team at Roses Only have taken on the task of finding the ideal movies to compliment your date night. I’m sure you’ve seen the many lists of classic Valentines Day films featuring the likes of Casablanca, Ghost and Love Actually. While all are good choices, we’ve gone out-of-the-box this year and created movie options centred around two of Hollywood’s hottest stars – Ryan Gosling and Scarlett Johansson. These two have fantastic back catalogues with something for everyone. Dazzle your someone special with a dozen roses and a unique movie choice this Valentines Day in Melbourne.

The History of Valentine’s Day

So who is St Valentine?

So how is the person behind the most romantic day of the year? Who is St Valentine? History mentions at least three different people who were recognised by the name of Saint Valentine. They are also all linked with the celebration in their honour on 14th February. There are some historian who believe these saints were in fact but one and the same and not separate individuals.

The legend of St Valentine is begins in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. During Claudius’ reign the city was dominated by several unpopular and bloody campaigns. Claudius struggled during this period to find soldiers who were willing to join and fight for his cause. He felt many of Rome’s men did not want to leave the family and shunned the army as a result. In retaliation he cancelled all engagements and marriages across Rome. The one person to defy Claudius's order was Saint Valentine. A romantic at heart, the priest defied the ruler and married couples in secret. When Claudius discovered hi s defiance, Valentine was beaten and put to death on 14th February. It was following his death that Valentine was named a Saint.

In a different version of the legend, The romantic priest was killed following his attempts to help Christians escape from a where they were being tortured and beaten. While he himself was in the prison, Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter. She visited him daily during his time in the jail. Just prior to his death Valentine wrote her a beautiful farewell love letter which he signed, ‘From your Valentine'. This is where the famous expression was born.

Love Birds

In England and France during the Middle Ages people believed that birds would begin looking for a mate on 14th February. This idea was another that has helped link Valentine's Day with the notion of love and romance across the year. On 14th February, lovers began to mark the day of romance by o exchanging love notes with their ‘Valentines' or sweethearts. Originally lovers would send handmade cards to each other but this practice changed at the beginning of 19th century as mass-produced greeting cards became popular. Over time, Valentine's Day has come to be regarded as the festival that celebrates love, in all its many forms. Today, Valentine's Day cards are gifted those in romantic relations, plus many others including teachers, parents, friends, siblings and sweethearts.

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