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Customer Feedback

We love to get feedback on our service so please let us know what you think about the services provided by this site or our organisation. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

Wonderful service and beautiful flowers, 10 out of 10 would recommend!
J. Willoughby  May 2016

I live in Canada and ordered flowers for my sister who lives in Sydney for her birthday today. I am so happy with Roses Only and have highly recommended Roses Only to my sisters in Canada as well. My sister was very happy and surprised. She loves white roses - she was really impressed with the presentation as well. Everyone at Qantas loved the flowers as well. Thank you so much -- I will now only contact Roses Only.
R. Sharma March 2016

I have ordered numerous times through Roses Only and every time, I'm amazed. They are the most beautiful roses I've ever seen and everyone that receives are blown away! Thank you Roses Only.
K.Thomas March 2016

Just finished replacing the water for my 2 dozen roses- 8 days on they still look incredible and I have only lost a couple- and the heat has been horrendous. Has been a couple of issues in the past but these have all been promptly fixed. Will definitely keep using (or my husband will ) Thank you!
A. De George Feb 2016

I thought I'd seen great roses before. That was prior to seeing the wondrous, glorious roses that Roses Only plucked gracefully from the earth and delivered to my sweetie pie. If I could give Roses Only 6 stars (Out of six, that is), I would.
F. Berg November 2015

Very Happy with the arrangements that I have ordered for various friends and family members. I would highly recommend RosesOnly to anyone looking for high quality arrangements and prompt service.
J. Tribe September 2015

Rang up not knowing anything about flowers and the person on the phone was really helpful, she pointed me in the right direction and the flowers were really appreciated as well.
E. Barker September 2015

I am a good customer to you and want to thank you for the amazing quality of flowers you deliver every time. Apart from one time when I paid extra to have flowers delivered before 1pm and they didn't, they are always amazing and really make a statement, thank you again!
E. Forbes May 2015

Yesterday I arranged for a large floral presentation for my sister who is recovering from a major op. The picture on your website did not do justice to the magnificent flowers which arrived today. I am reliably informed that staff said they had never seen such a beautiful arrangement and complete strangers came into her room to view them. I am very grateful for whoever did this arrangement - I saw them myself this evening and they are absolutely superb. Thanks very much for this - my sister and I appreciate it greatly.
J. Elliot April 2013

The roses got so many compliments from my work colleagues as they are so beautiful. Day 5 and they are still looking beautiful and fresh.
D. Henstock April 2013

I was in such a panic as I had left a present so late for Christmas so yesterday I rang Roses Only for a hamper to be sent to South Australia. I live in Victoria. My phone call was answered by Olivia who was so sweet as she informed me I was the last one on her list as the cut off date was the 20th of December at 3pm. Thankfully she was able to include me in your deliveries and said that it would be arriving in South Australia on December 24th at 7pm. I was so relieved and to my dismay I received a tracking update today to say that the hamper was delivered at 3pm this afternoon. I was so pleased when I spoke to my sister-in-law who was absolutely thrilled to get it. I ordered a 'Everything But the Cheese and Red Wine Gift Hamper' and she was delighted with everything that was in her gift box. Thank you Hampers Only for such prompt and excellent service. I have sent roses from your web site before but not a hamper so I will be most pleased to use your services again in the future.
M. Perry December 2012

My deepest gratitude for the massive efforts taken by Roses Only, to ensure a perfect result was achieved. Liaising with staff was a pleasure, and vital, due to the complicated logistics involved in this extraordinary delivery. Your service excelled, where others failed. A much loved 85 year old lady was overwhelmed by the beauty and quality of your roses for her birthday, I cannot express my thanks sufficiently in words - I wish you could have heard her voice to understand how much your efforts were worthwhile and appreciated. Bravo!!
M. Keegan June 2012

Beautiful. High quality. Just 'WOW!'
R. Bayfield May 2012

Stunning flowers! The presentation and packaging is excellent and creative. I've had my roses for six days now and they're still beautiful. I love them!
L. Poyner May 2012

Beautiful as always! Far better quality than any local flower shop and customer service too.
A. Courtie May 2012

I have had lots of flowers delivered and I have sent many but these have been the best ever, especially freshness. Many Thanks.
V. Walters May 2012

I was so very impressed. They really brought some sweet smelling, colour enhanced life back into my home. Thank you.
R. McIntyre May 2012

Absolutely beautiful fresh flowers. Packaged very well. Lasted two weeks - even in the heat. Excellent product as usual. Would recommend Roses Only to others.
C. Duthie April 2012

We sent your Christmas baskets to a couple of our major clients. The feedback we received was amazing - they said how the fruit was outstanding quality and the Christmas goodies and presentation was wonderful. Thank you so much.

We recently ordered flowers from another website to be delivered to a hospital and were so disappointed when we saw the arrangement. We were well and truly ripped off. Such is not the case with your deliveries - we were thrilled - we certainly know who to use next time.
Thank you.
S. Loughton January 2012

Just a little note to say a BIG thanks for the fabulous hampers I ordered for business colleagtues. I wasn't sure the hampers would be as good as they looked but they far exceeded my expectations! Having ordered them late in the day I was amazed they arrived on my doorstep the very next day.

When I opened the boxes and saw the Hampers Only packaging I was thrileed before I had even seen the contents. Everything in the hampers was top quality and beautifully presented. The value of each hamper exceeds what I could purchase - which isn't usually the case with other hampers I have seen.

These hampers are fantastic and I will be ordering again, for sure. My colleagues loved their gifts. Thanks for making me look so good!
A. Travers January 2012

Hello, Today was a very special day for my family - my mum turned 63, not just any birthday, she had been in a coma for 2 weeks in August and to be honest we are lucky to have her.

At 11am I thought "bugger I hadn't organised flowers". One call to Roses Only today and all my issues were solved. A delivery of 6 roses with hand lotion was winging its way to my mum. Thank you for making my mum's birthday so special.
Kind regards,
R. McDonald October 2011

I recently ordered flowers from you for my sister’s birthday; well they were really out of this world! Very professionally made up in the box and delivered with all the extras. Thanks very much for making this birthday gift to my sister a sensational one! I will definitely be using you again, a small price to pay for a gorgeous box of flowers and chocolates. Where have you people been hiding?!
Thanks again for your prompt and professional service.
M. Blake August 2011

Hi guys, A bouquet of 25 roses was delivered to a friend... The bouquet was stunning and delivered on time... it literally stopped her workplace! Awesome! Thank you.
G. Evans August 2011

You guys are the best! Your website is a breeze to navigate and the flowers always give the "WOW" factor! I am always comfortable recommending you to friends as the service has always been A+++!! Thanks again!
L. Van Ryn August 2011

Thank you so very much for the beautiful tea cup of hot pink roses, you organised to be sent to my mother's office. She was so surprised, and cried - everyone in the office hugged her and asked what the gift was for while she set up the flowers on her desk (they sat there for the rest of the week). I couldn't believe how beautiful a gift you chose, mum and myself now want to order these teacup and roses set as birthday gifts for friends, family etc. Mum also mentioned that most people that came into the office asked - where such a beautiful gift came from? She gave the name and website of Roses only and bragged about how long your flowers lasted!

Not only did you help me tell my mum thankyou for everything she has done, and still has to do for me. Another member of your staff (a young man - sorry i can't remember his name) I spoke to on Thursday night 23/06/2011 - probably helped me the most as he stayed on the phone for approx 10 - 15 min calming me down, he really understood why i wished the flowers where at mums work, I then went on telling him about my illness - I believe any man who can listen to any women upset, and crying AND THEN calm me down is an absolute asset to your company. So if you know who this man was, please tell him: "Thank you for your kindness and understanding, and this company / or any company are very lucky to have you."

You and your staff were so understanding from start to finish and your customer service department was amazing, because in the end my mum did feel like the 'Best Mum In The World!'.
Thank you again.
S. Conway July 2011

Our friends have just received delivery of the arrangment I ordered from you a couple of days ago. Just wanted to let you know that Mrs Edwards (a rose enthusiast) thought it to be the most amazing arrangement she had ever seen in her life.

Even though the flowers were a gesture of sympathy - I just wanted to let you know that you brought a few moments of happiness to a lady that has suffered great loss.
Thank you so much.
T. John June 2011

I just want to pass on a massive thank you to the Roses Only team for yet again the exceptional service I have received with my order.

I was a bit sceptical about sending an order overseas, however your affiliates ensured that my roses were delivered with no fuss at all, apparantly it took a bit of effort, possibly due to me not completely knowing this particular countries address format, but alas it arrived.

The service and help I received from start to finish was first class and all consultants I dealt with need to be thanked and I really need to say that I have used Roses Only many times and it just keeps getting better. Keep up the great work, whatever you are doing... boy it's working!
P. Collier May 2011

I have had occasion to use the Roses Only website 3 - 4 times this year. I love the range of gifts you offer and the ease of using the website. The roses are magnificent and each of the recipients has been absolutely thrilled with them. Thank you so very much for your beautiful quality roses and superb presentation boxes.
A. Barrett May 2011

I just wanted to express my thanks to the company, I have used this site several times as I travel extensively and recently I ordered some flowers for my Mum for her birthday. They were a lovely arrangement and the timing of delivery was perfect. I even received a phone call to let me know the approx. arrival time.

Thank you and I look forward to using this service again in the near future.
R. Cashman February 2011

Hi everyone, I congratulate Roses Only for their consistent quality of roses & other flowers I have purchased; all my recipients have said their flowers are the best they have ever received. Thank you so much for a great service.
H. Bell February 2011

I just wanted to say how happy I am with the quality of Roses Only roses :) I was given some again for Valentines Day this year. I was walking through Melbourne city on Valentine's Day and I watched numerous men/women carrying small headed roses that looked half dead. This is in contrast to the beautiful big and fresh Roses Only roses that I had waiting for me at home. I was given only 6 roses this year due to budget cut backs (we are about to buy a house/have a baby) but I would rather have 1 Roses Only rose than 36 from any other florist!

Your supplies are the best :)
L. Fulton February 2011

Thank you so much again for delivering exactly what you say you will. I have just had a phone call from my mother, who is absolutely delighted with the Christmas arrangement that was ordered and you people sent on time. She has told me that they are the most beautiful arrangement she has ever seen. She lives in a retirement village and anyone whose seen them (as I'm sure they all have by now!) is very jealous, so thank you again and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the team there.
M. Nolan December 2010

Thanks for making me look like the best boyfriend in the world. Early this morning I placed an order from my hotel room in Switzerland for 12 roses with candle and chocolate to my girlfriend in Sydney.

It was a total spur of the moment decision and she called me to thank me, saying she had tears of joy from the gesture. Your website is really simple to operate and you have a terrific selection of great products.

Well done! You're doing a great service to many men out there that want to spoil their partners. I'll send you flowers as a thank you, but I guess you have lots already. Keep up the great work.
B. Crawford April 2010

A short note to say thanks to you for the fantastic service you provide. You are the only company I have dealt with over many years who deliver what I order when I order it. You have flawless flowers, beautifully presented and packaged and always delivered on time. Thank you for making my partner extremely happy and for making me look great! Keep it up.
R. Richardson March 2010

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