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National Breast Cancer Foundation
National Breast Cancer Foundation

Each year, over 11 500 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, making it the most common cancer among Australian women. A lesser-known fact is that 100 Australian men are also diagnosed with the disease each year.

While around 2500 Australians die from breast cancer each year, the good news is that are we detecting breast cancer earlier and making huge advancements in the way we treat the disease. These improvements are all due to research, both in Australia and internationally.

This is where the National Breast Cancer Foundation comes into the picture. The NBCF is the only community-funded organisation in Australia, raising money for research into every aspect of breast cancer. By that we mean research from the laboratory to the bedside, and everything in between.

Today the NBCF is renowned for funding high quality research and supporting a generation of significant milestones in breast cancer knowledge, from increasing understanding of genetics of breast cancer, to improving ways to support women and their families.

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