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Maintaining Wellness While Working From Home

Maintaining Wellness While Working From Home

Natives for WFH

With a continually changing work environment for many of us, it’s important that we do our best to prioritise our wellness and remain connected with colleagues. Whether you’re new to the work from home (WFH) scene or a seasoned pro by now, it’s completely normal to feel a little disconnected from others at times. We know that it’s quite strange to go from endless chatter and coffee runs with your work friend, to being alone in your home office with just the dog to talk to (if you’re lucky).

Hampers for WFH

Through the Roses Only Corporate team you can send gifts to employees, colleagues, suppliers and clients to help maintain wellness among your team. It’s a great way to show you care and keep relationships strong whilst working remotely. Here are a few ideas:

Fruit - stay healthy

There’s no doubt that the remote nature of the WFH lifestyle can make it challenging to maintain your healthy habits (unless it keeps you away from the lunchtime takeaway next to your office). Our Fruit Hampers are a fantastic way to stay connected with employees or clients. Brimming with fresh seasonal fruit, it’s the perfect treat for morning smoothies or afternoon snacks and it’s guaranteed to be a cherry good addition to their day! You can’t go wrong with a Classic or Deluxe Fruit Hamper, but add chocolates for someone with a sweet tooth.

Flowers - boost morale

Another great way to keep your work team’s spirit high is with some colour and decoration to brighten their WFH office. Our favourite way to do that? A joyful bunch of flowers of course. We think a stunning bouquet of Native flowers or a pretty Secret Garden Tea Cup arrangement would be a great addition to any workspace, and you can add a box of chocolates or a T2 tea package to make it even sweeter. 

Hampers - take a break and relax

During some of the long work from home days, a reminder to your staff to log off and relax at night can sometimes be required. Show them you’re thinking of them with a Recipe to Relax or Time to Unwind Gift Hamper and thank them for their hard work. Featuring all the essentials for a relaxing evening away from the computer, these hampers will ensure they’re feeling good as new when they next clock on.

Cocktails With Gin Fizz

Fruit cocktail hampers - stay connected 

For a gift guaranteed to create a peach of a time, our Gin Fizz With Applewood is for you. Perfect for your office bestie who loves a good time, this hamper is inspired by cocktails and designed to be shaken and stirred. Meet them for virtual drinks on a Friday afternoon with the recipes from our Happy Hour blog for a great time or check out the full collection of fruit hampers on offer here.


Throughout all this craziness however, it’s important to remember that your number one priority should be looking after yourself too! It’s totally acceptable to send a gift to yourself, try a Sunflower Bouquet to brighten your home office space or a Chocolate Treats Gift Hamper to share with the family.

Keep checking in on those around you. Get in touch with our Corporate team for more information and to place your order.


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