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Valentine's Day Recipes

Valentine's Day is all about showing your loved one how much you appreciate them and what better way than to share a romantic meal together. There are many recipes available to help you create that special meal, whether you're planning a three course dinner or casual picnic.

Whatever the recipes you choose, it's important to set the scene for romantic ambience. If you'll be eating at home, then lighting candles and setting the table with linen and good china and crystal will add a sense of occasion to your meal. Recipes for romance include foods that are red or include chocolate or other indulgences. Choose cocktail recipes with strawberries, salad recipes with rich tomatoes and dessert recipes with lots of chocolate.

Even if you're eating at the kitchen table, it's worth choosing recipes make the meal stand out from your usual fare. For a picnic, pack an umbrella, large rug and some attractive cushions to lend a romantic atmosphere. For an extra romantic touch, don't tell your loved one about the meal, send an invitation accompanied with flowers or even a champagne hamper.

Recipes for Cocktails to Set a Romantic Scene

Some suggested Valentine's Day recipes include a sparkling strawberry cocktail, cupid's kiss, margarita or cherry martini. These cocktails all feature colours which are traditionally associated with romance and there are many more recipes to try; just search online recipe collections to find the perfect drink to suit the food you're serving.

Choosing Valentine's Day Recipes

No matter which meal you're serving, you can easily create a romantic atmosphere by choosing the right recipes. Just make sure you select items that suit your loved one's taste.

Start the Day with Pampering - Breakfast in Bed

If you'd like to spoil your sweetheart with a delicious breakfast in bed, choose recipes which are indulgent but easy to prepare. Eggs Benedict is a luscious breakfast recipe which is relatively easy to cook and not too messy for eating in bed. Don't forget to decorate the breakfast tray with something romantic, for example a red rose or your partner's favourite flower.

Lunch or Dinner with a Touch of Romance

For lunch or dinner, the trick is to choose recipes which can be partly prepared the day before so you're not in and out of the kitchen during the meal. Entrees can be cold and light and seafood is a good option as it can be kept very simple. There are many recipes for simple yet delicious entrees available online.

Special Main Courses to Invoke a Romantic Atmosphere

Popular Valentine's Day recipes for a main course include lobster, filet mignon or rack of lamb, accompanied by well-presented vegetables, for example asparagus or baby potatoes. You could also prepare a passion themed salad recipe, with rich ripe tomatoes (love apples in French), pomegranate or strawberries. For something different again, you could make a pizza by shaping the base into a heart.

Desserts for a Sense of Passion

A luscious dessert recipe is a must and chocolate is a favourite. Chocolate fondue is a romantic dessert and is a quick easy recipe. It's fun to eat and as its Valentine's Day, you can get into the mood by feeding each other delicious chocolatey morsels.

Other recipes for desserts which invoke romance include chocolate heart tarts, luscious pavlova, tiramisu or red velvet cake. Desserts containing chocolate, strawberries or cream all conjure that special atmosphere of romance.

Biscuits and Cakes with a Romantic Theme

It's easy to create a romantic theme with some whimsical heart shaped biscuits or a heart shaped cake. Cookie cutters and cake tins are available in heart shapes, or you can shape your creations by hand. Choose recipes which invoke a sense of indulgence like mud cake or melting moments; have a look for recipes online.

Decorating your biscuits or cakes to invoke a sense of romance will add the final flourish to your Valentine's Day baking. Try red or pink icing, strawberries, chocolates, hearts or individual messages of love to your sweetheart.

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