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Why do we Send Valentine's Day Messages?

Valentine's Day is named after St Valentine, the patron saint of love, young people and happy marriages. Each year on 14 February, millions of people send Valentine's Day messages to their loved ones expressing their care and affection.

The custom of sending notes on Valentine's Day is thought to have begun during the Middle Ages with the traditions of romance, chivalry and courtly love. The first valentines were often given in secret and were generally for someone who could only be loved from afar. This led to the creation of beautifully decorated valentines which were hand made by the sender. Original words were included, often in the form of love poems praising the virtues of the recipient. These very romantic valentines were frequently sent anonymously, giving the recipient the delightful task of working out the identity of the sender.

Today Valentine's Day messages are delivered in cards, poems, songs, e-cards and via text message, usually accompanied with flowers or other gifts. Traditionally Valentine's Day has been associated with lovers, but has grown so that messages of love can be sent to anyone to whom we feel close. Many choose to celebrate Valentine's Day with friends, family members, teachers or anyone who has made a positive difference in our lives. This special day is an opportunity to express our love and gratitude with a loving Valentine's Day message.

Valentine's Day Messages on Cards

Millions of Valentine's Day cards are exchanged every year, from printed, handmade, romantic or funny cards. Many people these days send their Valentine's Day messages by e-card on the internet. Whether your card contains a simple ‘happy Valentine's Day' or a romantic poem, your message of love will be appreciated.

Printed cards usually include a Valentine's Day message, so look around until you find a card which expresses your feelings for the recipient. Surprise your loved one by having it delivered with flowers or chocolates for an extra Valentine's Day touch. Handmade cards can be fun for kids to make for family members or even a favourite teacher. These special creations will be treasured as keepsakes.

Today, sending a Valentine's Day message to your loved one is easier than ever. An internet search will return many sites which provide user friendly access to Valentine's Day e-cards. There are many to choose from, some with music or animations, and some which allow you to upload a personal photo. Once you have chosen the right card for the recipient, simply follow the steps to write a Valentine's Day message and enter your own and the recipient's email addresses. An email with a hyperlink to the e-card will be sent to your loved one instantly.

Poetic Valentine's Day Messages

Have you ever tried your hand at writing poems? For centuries people having been expressing their Valentine's Day messages with poetry. Romantic, sweet or funny, the recipient will be touched that you have taken the time to write a poem with them in mind. If you've never written poetry before and would like to write a romantic Valentine's Day message in prose, there are some helpful ways to start.

Begin by thinking about the loved one you are writing for and jot down some notes about how you feel about them, how you felt when you first met and how you envision a future together. Read through what you have written and replace some of your words with stronger expressions e.g. like to love, think to feel etc. One way of approaching this is to use the five senses to help you describe your feelings.

Next, add some metaphors like this romantic ‘my love is like a red, red rose that's newly sprung in June' by Robert Burns, or funny ‘true love is like a good pair of socks, it takes two, and they've gotta match' author unknown. Rewrite your notes into verses and then read aloud. Reading your Valentine's Day poem aloud will help you work out where to make breaks in the lines and where something doesn't work. It might take several attempts until it sounds and feels right, but remember you don't have to be a famous writer to write something poetic to a loved one, they'll appreciate the effort of a personal message.

For a final flourish, you could decorate your Valentine's Day message with pictures or other materials, re-write it onto a beautiful card, or frame it so your loved one can keep it as a memento.

If writing your own poem seems too daunting, you can still send your beloved a poetic Valentine's Day message. Have a look in books of poetry or search online and you'll find there are millions of romantic poems you could give to your loved one. Accompany the poem with beautiful flowers or a romantic gift hamper with champagne and chocolates and they'll be delighted.

Valentine's Day Messages and Love Quotes

Are you having trouble finding the words to express how much you love someone? One solution is to send a love quotation. Have a look online and search for quotes about love and you'll find countless to choose from. Your Valentine's Day message is designed to convey your feelings, so take the time to find something which says it all. Here are some examples of romantic quotations:

‘I dropped a tear in the ocean. The day that I find it is the day I will stop loving you.' by Brutha.

‘I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.' by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

How to Write a Love Letter for Valentine's Day

Writing your beloved a special love letter for Valentine's Day is a great way of telling them why you care. For romantic partners in a long distance relationship, receiving a love letter in the mail will be a delightful surprise, particularly if you usually correspond via email. Here are some tips for writing a Valentine's Day love letter:

• Use attractive paper and a special pen, e.g. fountain pen or unusual colour. If you find it easier, type the letter first but always re-write by hand for a more personal touch.

• Write some notes down first to make sure you include everything you'd like to say. Think about how you feel about your beloved and how you would like your relationship to be in the future.

• Write from your heart rather than using flowery sentences. Talk about the qualities that you appreciate in your loved one.

• Keep the letter to about one page; this should be enough to convey your feelings and hopes for the future.

• If you wish, decorate your love letter or spray with perfume. Surprise your valentine with a Valentine's Day message sent with Roses Only beautiful flowers or a romantic gift hamper with champagne and chocolates.

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