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Mother's Day Poems Guide

A Mother's Day poem is a truly personal gift Mothers can treasure forever. Mother’s day is the ideal opportunity to let your mother, or a mother figure in your life, know how much you truly love and appreciate her. Trying to think of a Mother’s Day gift that is original and personal can be a challenge. Rather than trawling the stores and internet, why not write a Mother’s Day poem straight from the heart.

How to Write Perfect Mother’s Day Poems

Mother’s Day poems can be either fun and humorous, or have a more reflective tone. Before you start you need to do some brainstorming - write down all your favourite memories of your mother throughout your life. They might be simple things, like the smell of fresh cookies baking in the oven; intimate memories like the way she looked after you when you were sick or injured; or quite extravagant memories like the champagne flowers she created for your 21st birthday. Looking back through photo albums can jog your memory and help provide inspiration for your Mother's Day poem.

Once you have a list of memories and events, carefully select your favourites and sort them into chronological order, starting with your oldest memories up to the most recent events. Try to pick memories from different periods of your life and include a Mother’s Day memory if possible. Decide whether your Mother’s Day poem is going to be free verse or rhyming – most people find it easier to write rhyming poems, but either is fine.

Keep your Mother's Day poem simple. Don’t over think things – try to let the words flow from your heart. If you are getting stuck finding words to rhyme, have a look on the internet for Mother's Day poems. There are a range of sites offering rhyming dictionaries and an online thesaurus can also come in handy to help you find the right word. Choose an appropriate title for your Mother’s Day poem. If inspiration fails you, something simple like ‘For Mum’ will work well.

If the creative juices just aren’t flowing, the internet is an excellent source of pre-written Mother’s Day poems. Reading through a few may help you to find the inspiration you’ve been lacking, or you may find one that reflects the way you feel. Adding something specific to your mum is a great way to make your Mother's Day poem more personal.

How to Present your Mother’s Day Poem

Once you have a draft of your Mother’s Day poem, you can either write it out, or if your penmanship isn’t up to scratch, print it. If you are printing your Mother's Day poem, there are a huge variety of fonts to choose from, many of them designed to look like they have been handwritten. Stationery stores and hobby stores have a range of coloured and patterned paper to further personalise your Mother’s Day poem. Framing or laminating your Mother’s Day poem will ensure it won’t get damaged, and make it easier to display.

On Mother’s Day, read your completed Mother’s Day poem to your mum - you’re sure to bring a tear to her eye, and then present her with the framed original. A Mother’s Day poem is a truly unique Mother’s Day gift, perfect for the mother who has everything, and a Mother’s Day gift she’ll treasure forever.

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