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Mother’s Day Crafts – Create a Gift she will Keep Forever.

Mother’s Day crafts are not only fun for the kids, they’re a great way to create a personalised gift that will be treasured forever. Mother's Day crafts can be created using materials you will probably already have at home. Alternatively, arts and crafts stores or newsagents are treasure troves of materials and supplies to inspire your creativity.

The History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an age old tradition celebrated in many countries and cultures around the world. The very first celebrations of Mother’s Day can be traced back to Greek mythology, when Rhea the mother of Gods was honoured. In England in the 1600s, a day called ‘Mothering Sunday’ was celebrated which honoured the Mothers of England. However, Mother’s Day, as it is celebrated today, was started in the United States in the early 1900s by a woman called Ana Jarvis, in honour of her mother who had expressed the desire to have a national day to honour mothers and their achievements. After her mother died, Ana took it upon herself to realise her mother’s dream and lobbied to have a day nationally recognised as Mother’s Day. By 1911 nearly every state in America was celebrating Mother’s Day and, shortly afterwards, many other countries around the world took on the tradition.

There are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day, including giving cards, flowers and gifts, organising family breakfasts, lunches and dinners, or a simple phone call to say ‘thank you Mum, you’re appreciated’. The tradition of making Mother’s Day crafts has been around for years, and not only are they fun to make, but also a pleasure to receive.

Mother’s Day Crafts

Handmade Mother’s Day crafts and cards are a fun and inexpensive way to give a unique, personalised gift that will be treasured forever. The options are endless; look online for some fantastic ideas, or come up with your own designs. Below are some simple ideas that can be made at home using easily sourced materials. Mother’s Day crafts can involve every member of the family, from toddlers right through to parents. Setting a day aside for craft-making is a great family activity and should result in some priceless one-off works of art.

Mother's Day Crafts for Young Kids

Although babies and toddlers are too young to participate in crafts on their own, tiny handprints and finger paintings make the perfect foundation for some beautiful crafts that make stunning keepsakes. Below is a simple Mother’s Day gift idea that will be long cherished.

Handprint wall hanging

Creating a piece of art with a toddler’s handprint as the basis is a wonderful way to make a personalised gift that marks a precious time in life, plus young children will love making it. A handprint wall hanging is easy and can be made by a child of any age. You simply need some paint, glue, paper plate or cardboard, scissors and something to decorate with such as ribbons, flowers, or cut outs from magazines. Let your child choose their favourite colour and cover the palm of their hand generously in paint. Press their hand onto the paper plate or cardboard. Allow it to dry and then decorate with ribbons or pictures and attach some string to hang on the wall. This is a simple gift from a young child that they will enjoy making and mothers will enjoy receiving.

Mother's Day Crafts for Older Kids

Older children love arts and crafts too, and what better way to say ’I love you Mum‘ than with a personalised handmade gift made with love. There are many crafts suitable for older children to make; help them choose one that is suitable for their age and skill level. Below are some suggestions that are easy to create and make wonderful Mother’s Day gifts.

Bouquet of photo flowers

Creating a flower bouquet of photos is a creative way to use favourite photographs and display them. To create this you simply need some coloured cardboard, photos, glue, scissors, tape and pipe cleaners. Make sure the photos are copies and cut out the faces into circles, perhaps one for each member of the family. Cut the coloured cardboard into flower shapes and glue the photos onto each flower. Sticky tape a pipe cleaner to the back of each flower. Tie the flowers together with another piece of pipe cleaner or ribbon to create the bouquet.

Mother's Day bookmark

A bookmark is a lovely Mother's Day gift that can be created and decorated in many different ways. Bookmarks can be cardboard or felt rectangles decorated with drawings or paintings, or a collage of magazine cut-outs. You can use photographs and ribbons and create a lovely Mother's Day gift that is also very useful.

Mother's Day coupon cards

One of the best ways that a child can show their appreciation to their mum is to help out around the house with chores or jobs. Choose some of the more common jobs around the house that you can help your mum with, such as emptying the dishwasher, washing the dog, taking the bins out, or making breakfast in bed. Get some card or paper and cut into small rectangles and write each job on the coupon. For example you may write, ’This coupon is good for Breakfast in Bed‘ or ’This coupon is good for Washing the Dishes‘. The coupons can be decorated with drawings, stickers or cut-outs and stapled together into a booklet or simply used as little cards.

Mother's Day basket

Another Mother's Day craft idea is to create and decorate a small basket and fill with chocolates or other gifts. There are many ways a basket can be created such as using paper plates cut in half and stapling together, or a heart shaped basket using paper or felt. Decorate the basket with hearts and ribbons and fill with sweets, chocolates or even flowers.

Mother's Day Crafts for Adults

Adults can be creative too! You don’t need to be an artist to participate in arts and crafts and Mother’s Day is the ideal time to let your creative juices flow. Creating an original gift by hand can be a truly satisfying experience, and you may surprise yourself with your hidden talents. Choose crafts that suit your level of experience; if you haven’t made anything creative since you left school, start with a simple project.

Family photo board

Creating a family photo board is a lovely gift idea and one that will be treasured by mothers forever. Get a selection of photos and have them copied, or select a favourite photo and have it enlarged or even printed into black and white to create a lovely nostalgic theme. Buy some 4-ply board from an art store and cut it into a shape or size that you would like. Lay out the photographs on the board in a decorative way until you are happy and then glue them into place. Decorate the board with ribbons or other craft supplies until you are done.

Mother’s Day Crafts: Handmade or Printed Mother's Day Cards

Card shops, newsagents and supermarkets stock a huge range of printed Mother’s Day cards for weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. The message conveyed in each card can be quite different, so take your time to read through them to find one that reflects the message you wish to send. Some cards can be quite playful, while others are much more sincere and heartfelt.

Making your own Mother’s Day card adds a more personal touch. Covering a Mother’s Day card with a photo, perfume or flower that is special to your mother can make the card a much more intimate gift. Handmade Mother’s Day cards also give the flexibility to personalise the message or you can even write your own poem.

Customised and Printed Mother’s Day Cards

If creativity isn’t your strong point you can still create a personalised Mother’s Day card online. Many online sites allow you to design Mother’s Day cards using templates, and they can be personalised with photos, images and messages. Once you are happy with your Mother’s Day card, you can pay a small charge to have your card professionally printed and mailed to you, or you may be able to print the cards out yourself. Allow enough time for the Mother’s Day card to be delivered.

Online and Email Mother’s Day Cards

Sending a Mother’s Day card online is one of the quickest and easiest options, and is especially convenient if you have left things to the last minute or you’re separated by distance. There are a range of sites that offer ecards for Mother’s Day, many of them for free. You can choose from premade Mother’s Day ecards, or design your own Mother’s Day ecard using photos, animations, music and personalised messages. Once you have completed your Mother’s Day ecard, with a click of a button, it can be in the recipients ‘mail box’ within seconds.

Working on Mother's Day crafts with your children is a great way to spend quality time together to create something special. Compliment your handmade Mother's Day craft or gift card with a selection of stunning roses, flowers, and unique gifts from Roses Only.

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