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Flowers are the one of the most divine creations mother earth has provided us. They warm the souls of mankind and each deliver a feeling of delight. A flower undeniably outstrips all that is artificial in the world with their lively colour, elegant nature, and beautiful fragrance. A floral bouquet is the perfect way to shed the taciturn layer and allow efflorescence in the bond with your loved ones. Selecting a gorgeously assembled bouquet that has an exquisite assortment of flowers from the enormous collection is a perplexing problem. So, with the help of the team at Roses Only, have prepared a list of 8 blossoms that are constantly the stellar choices for every occasion.

Roses: It is classic and most preferred bouquet blossom for its aromatic fragrance and diverse colour that contributes to effortless elegance. Roses are heterogeneous and have hundreds of species. Largely, roses are available in either solid colour huesor variegated colours as well.


The categories of this flower are characteristically a) hybrid tea roses that are the homogeneously shaped roses, referred as the classic ones and are cultivated commercially, b) spray roses that are grown naturally and does not sprout more than five to ten heads on each stem and c) garden roses that are found to be bushy, with wide opening heads, long-stemmed, heavenly scented, referred as the luxurious roses and given they are sought after, tend to be the most expensive ones.


A bouquet of roses can be prepared as per your preference or as per the theme of the occasion. For instance, you may either opt for a modest and sophisticated bouquet of roses with all subtle colours and classic shapes or choose an exclusive bouquet containing an assortment of different coloured or shaped roses and other flowers.


Globally, roses are seen to be a significant symbol of love and enchantment. Historically, the artists and writers have reflected the flower as a metaphor for sentiments, attractiveness, and love.


Peonies: The luxurious and fragrant blossom resembles a tiny ball of petals before revealing a fluffy, insanely petaled look. Peony is extremely valued for its fragility and spectacular beauty and offers a voluminous strong scent.


This gorgeous bloom has its history devoted to the Eastern culture and is particularly found in two categories such as the herbaceous and the tree peony. It is seasonally grown in single layers as well as double layer style and is found to be expensive. Nevertheless, it is available in almost every colour such as pink, white, red, coral, mahogany and yellow and is considered glorious for every occasion. However, a bouquet of lush peonies is ideal and often used for weddings.


Ranunculus: This stunning bloom is commonly referred to as buttercup. It consists of a large volume of closely formed petals and is known for its striking look. Although this blossom is considered cost-effective in comparison to roses and ponies, it complements a stunning and elegant look to any bouquet and can be assembled splendidly with other flowers. It is available in a diverse range of warm colours such as classic white, sunset orange, striking yellow, pop of pink and deep red. Unlikely roses, ranunculus is mildly scented and bears several flowers on a single stem with fernlike foliage.


Orchids: This blossom is incredibly gorgeous and graceful and is a splendid choice for a bouquet. Orchids are believed to be an enduring and exotic flower that represents beauty and refinement. Orchids are found in wide-ranging types and have diverse colours including variegated designs. It is one of the most expensive yet elegant choices for a bouquet. It had diverse symbolic meanings in the ancient times, like in Japan it was considered as a symbol of wealth, whereas in China it was a symbol of procreation and commonly to other cultures it was a symbol of love.


Dahlias: It brings charisma and sophistication to a bouquet with its round petals and pointed tips. Dahlias’ are lavish blossoms that closely related to chrysanthemum and daisies and come in a wide array of colours from subtle to vibrant colours such as burgundy, peach, red, yellow, and white.


Lisianthus: This blossom is also referred to as a Texas Bluebells and is known for its resilience to last longer than any other flower. It replicates the rose flower and is also cost-effective. Therefore, this gorgeous bloom can be used as a filter flower and add elegance to any bouquet. It comes in a wide range of colours and usually has quite a lot of blooms within a single stem making it a suitable choice for any bouquet.


Poppies: It is an incredible flower with very few petals in comparison to other flowers mentioned earlier. However, it does come in vibrant colours such as red, yellow, orange, white and purple and indeed contributes an elegant look to any bouquet.


Amaranthus: The exotic and textural bloom that has become the trend now comes in diverse colours like burgundy, gold and green and coral. It provides a unique look to a bouquet.


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