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> What your flowers say about your relationship

What your flowers say about your relationship

What the flowers you gift say about your relationship

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The team at Roses Only are flexing their floriographic muscles and dropping flower bombs on the symbolic messages hidden behind some of our most popular blooms.

Floriography is the language of flowers and with over 45 years of floristry experience, it’s fair to say Roses Only have acquired a deep understanding of how flowers speak to us. Because of this, we’ve decided to use our floral superpowers to decode the mystery of what someone is trying to express when they gift you flowers. 

Did you know many flower varieties hold special meanings which are conveyed by their type and colour? A humble flower can provide a powerful meaning and an extra bit of expression to your message which can’t always be conveyed with words via a text message or phone call.

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If you’re lucky enough to receive red roses from someone, then smile! As we all know, roses are an iconic symbol of passionate and abiding love, so whether it’s from a friend or romantic partner, they are trying to express strong sentiment and affection. 

Other rose varieties hold their own hidden meanings, for instance a classic white rose symbolises sympathy during periods of grief. However, they also signify purity which carries an expression of trust and new beginnings – this is what makes them so popular at weddings!

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Other rose colours carry their own significance. For instance, pink roses express gratitude and happiness, while yellow blooms often signify appreciation of a meaningful relationship, whether romantic or platonic. 

Many of the most popular flowers have special meanings attached to them. For example, if you’ve received a bouquet of natives, it’s a beautiful representation of someone wanting you to know they really care for you. To bring prosperity, happiness and luck into someone’s life, the best bouquet to gift is sunflowers, with their bright yellow petals and large single heads, these gorgeous flowers simply beam positivity. 

Other popular blooms such as gerberas symbolise cheerfulness and admiration, while lilies represent thoughtfulness, devotion and prosperity, and orchids are perfect to mark a special occasion, such as a mother celebrating the birth of a grandchild or a lover wanting to create a memorable moment in a relationship. 

So, if you’re trying to send a message to someone with flowers, remember – you know your loved ones best, so trust your instincts and they will no doubt feel cherished when they receive them. 

At its core, gifting flowers is all about making people feel good. Our team understands that when customers place an order, they are trusting us to get their message across to a loved one, and this is a responsibility Roses Only takes very seriously and does with great pride.

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