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> Why we love hopeless romantics

Why we love hopeless romantics

The Roses Only team of floral experts, who often act as real-life cupids, have revealed their favourite parts of the job – and the results may surprise you! In addition to servicing the nation’s floral gifting needs, our team are sharing their favourite customer interaction highlights, including why hopeless romantics top the list. 


Hopeless Romantics

Roses Only floral expert, Fleur

Being a true romantic herself, Fleur says her favourite part of working at Roses Only is helping hopelessly romantic men, who struggle to find the right words, express themselves through flowers. 

“Most of the time, we’ve found that a lot of men are unsure when it comes to choosing what to send and say to their partner, so I enjoy guiding them and finding what works,” says Fleur. 

“My absolute favourite situation is when there’s a blossoming relationship and he’s trying to impress her, or better yet, when he’s saying sorry – that’s the best.

“For me, it’s about creating a hopeful experience, whether it’s saying sorry, or I love you, I love helping to reinforce their actions and genuinely wish them the best of luck.”


Hopeless Romantics

Roses Only floral expert, Riley 

Riley says the best part of his job is more personal and involves his grandparents. 

“In 2015, my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and he now struggles with both his short and long-term memory,” says Riley.

“He and my grandmother have just celebrated 63 years of marriage and one of the few things he consistently remembers is their anniversary date."

“Every year, he asks for my help organising flowers for my grandmother, which I love doing, and we always opt for the most romantic long-stemmed red roses.”

“I’ve been really lucky with my grandparents; they are soul mates – there’s no other way to describe them.” 


Hopeless Romantics

Roses Only floral expert, Georgia 

Georgia says people want to send something extra special if it’s for a sentimental reason, particularly when it involves a man in love.  

“I had this gentleman call me while his wife was in labour in the delivery room, and he’d quickly stepped out to order the biggest bunch of flowers possible,” Georgia says. 

“He organised for the arrangement to be delivered as soon as she had the baby, and he ordered everything including chocolates, balloons and teddy bears – he got the absolute works.” 


Roses Only floral expert, Louise 

Louise says she enjoys the gesture of gifting as well as the sentiment behind it.  

“An employer sent flowers to one of their employees to let them know that they had increased their wage and thanking them for all of their hard work,” says Louise.

“In my experience, this rarely happens but when it does, it’s nice to see such a fun and brilliant way to announce a salary rise.” 



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