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> Roses Only Team Confessions

Roses Only Team Confessions

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Roses Only?

Our team of floral experts are revealing what it’s REALLY like to make flower deliveries on all the major holidays and sentimental occasions, as well as sharing their highlight reel of our most memorable customer reactions! With over 45 years of retail and floristry experience, the Roses Only team on the Sunshine Coast are often met with a range of emotions – from disbelief, sorrow to outright tears of joy. 



Our Warehouse Manager Haley says given that the team both make and deliver the flowers, it’s nice seeing the reaction to something you’ve personally had a hand in.

“It’s probably those first three seconds when someone expresses the most… and we’ve experienced a whole spectrum of responses,” says Haley.

“Reactions vary, from people who can’t believe it’s for them to people who break down crying to complete and utter surprise.” 

“It’s really lovely when you deliver to a workplace, and everyone looks up and wonders where we’re headed and whether it’s for them and everyone is really excited for the recipient.” 



Jessica says of all the calendar events and sentimental occasions, Christmas tops the team’s list of being the best time to make flower deliveries. 

“Christmas Eve is hands down the best time to deliver, everyone is so jolly and we’re always stopping multiple times down one street – it’s like we’re elves making deliveries,” says Jessica.

“It’s one time of the year that everyone is in a different zone, most people are gathering with friends and family and the cheer is phenomenal.”


Haley says Mother’s Day is always very sweet, especially since they deliver in an area that has an older demographic.

“People are generally really stoked to receive flowers on Mother’s Day,” says Haley. 

“We all enjoy Valentine’s Day, there’s a lot of special sentiment being sent through flowers because it’s such a big day, there’s less surprise but more romance.” 

“Funeral deliveries can be quite touching, ordinarily we’ll keep going back to the same address with flowers and it’s lovely to see the outpouring of continued support.” 

“Our tone and interaction with customers in this instance is very different and we can do this effectively as we’ve prepared the product, so we know what the card says and have a bit of back story.” 



Haley says the act of flower gifting is a lovely tradition and being able to make and deliver the arrangements enables the team to see how much they mean to the recipient. 

“We’ve delivered for a variety of reasons and there have been moments that have been so touching that I’ve actually cried,” says Haley. 

“I made a delivery to a woman who was on her own on Christmas Eve and then got a beautiful bunch of her favourite flowers from her children who couldn’t be there, and it was so moving I burst into tears.” 


Along with the moving moments, the team have also shared their highlight reel of funny customer interactions. 

“One of my favourite stories was delivering to an older couple who were nude in their pool, and they were so nonchalant about the whole thing that it was just a wonderfully bizarre experience,” says Haley. 

“There’s also a lot of flower gifting to pets, one team member delivered to someone who had a room of blue tongue lizards.”


Roses Only CEO Kelly says gifting flowers is a great way of expressing sentiment to someone you’re thinking of. 

“We’re dealing with a product that’s all about making people feel good and helping convey their love or sentiment to someone special through gifted flowers,” says Ms Taggart.

“When customers place an order through Roses Only, they trust us to deliver the freshest and most beautiful flowers to get their message across.”

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