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> Head Over Heels In LOVE: New Collection

Head Over Heels In LOVE: New Collection

Love is at the essence of everything we do, but it all starts with the reasons why you send flowers. You send flowers for love. Love in the form of passion, friendship, family, kindness, sympathies, gratefulness, thanks, apologies. The list truly goes on and on. With this in mind, we deliver your flowers with love and care.

Inspired by “Love”, our new flower collection features modern styles and vivid colours that will help you celebrate the special occasions and the little moments of joy in life. Each arrangement is available in premium or petite and each is guaranteed to leave a loved one blushing with adoration. You can read about the inspiration behind each of our new flower bouquets below.

Don’t forget you can also add on a delicious box of Chocolatier chocolates or a bottle of sparkling wine to shower your special someone with love!

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Endless Love

Endless Love Flower Bouquet

There’s an innocence to this bouquet, with the sweet pink tones, delicate flowers and draping orchids. It’s the epitome of pure love, a love so wholesome, the love you only really feel for your family and those closest to you. Gift this floral bouquet to your sister for her birthday or your Mum for Mother’s Day. Endless Love is sure to leave your loved one blushing with delight

Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly Flower Bouquet

This explosion of colour is the perfect bouquet to gift for any celebration as it’s sure to thrill your lucky recipient with its clash of colours - fun pinks, sunset oranges and mysterious purples! Whilst perfect for all occasions, the Sparks Fly arrangement was inspired by that zappy feeling of excitement that makes you do a happy dance and your heart skip a beat.

Summer Love

Summer Love Flower Bouquet

Sit back and remember those moments of endless laughter, non-stop chatter and the buzz of shimmering heat that was a summer of love. Whether with the girls you now hold a forever friendship with, just like Carrie, Samantha and Miranda, or whether you’re remembering the Danny Zuko boy of your teens, Summer Love is the perfect floral gift to celebrate that summer romance.


Euphoria Flower Bouquet

The sultry tones of red in this bouquet are the floral embodiment of the tango, filled with passion and emotion. There really is only one thing for this bouquet, and that’s romance. When you want to show someone your devotion and just how much you love them, send flowers and give the gift of Euphoria to truly set hearts racing.

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Flower Bouquet

Inspired by clouds and the feeling of walking on air, the Cloud Nine bouquet gives the sense that this can only be a dream. Arranged with fluffy, timeless white blooms, this bouquet is for the eternal love we all hold dearly. Whether you’re telling someone how much you appreciate them or that you’re always here for them, especially in times of need, this is the perfect gift to show you care. 

Wild Love

Wild Love Flower Bouquet

You’re on a roller coaster filled with thrills and excitement. You know it might not last, but for now, it’s a loop-the-loop of wild love. Send the Wild Love flower bouquet to that person you can’t stop thinking about or to say thanks for a wonderful date. It’s a celebratory gift filled with colour, romance and delicacy.

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