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> Your Mother's Day Flower Style Guide

Your Mother's Day Flower Style Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide - What’s Your Mums Style?

It comes as a given that Mum’s everywhere love flowers. Pink ones, yellow ones, lilies, roses, posies and bouquets! But sometimes it can be hard to know which flowers your Mum will love most, especially if you want to surprise her with flowers delivered to the door.

We have put together a Gift Guide to give you a few ideas about which flowers to send your Mum this Mother’s Day.

Download the PDF version of the Roses Only Mother’s Day Gift Guide here.

This is just a little bit of fun brought to you by the Mums we have here in the Roses Only team. Have a read, have a giggle and tell us over on Instagram what’s your Mums style?

The Proud Mum

An eye for detail and capturing every moment.

You know this is your Mum if you walk into the house and everything is in order, no mess and no kids toys to fall over (they’re neatly tidied away). House proud and loves a photo opportunity, the Classic Low Vase Arrangement is the perfect piece to gift and add to this picture perfect house. 

Proud Mum with Classic Arrangement Flowers

The Super Mum

Multi-tasker with some kind of secret superpower.

It seems this Mum can do everything (cleaning, cooking, emails, gym), whilst still able to put bub #1 down for a nap, carrying bub #2 in their arms and getting bub #3 to do their homework. Tell your Super Mum to relax for one day with a Burst Of Colour Teacup, super cute and great for a cuppa after!

Super Mum with Teacup Flowers

The Boss Mum

Confident, fierce, ready to get the job done.

She’s strong, maybe a little bit bossy, but it all works in her favour and she will get the job done no questions asked. Flying high in the Corporate world or boss to herself, gift your Boss Mum a beautiful bouquet of Tulip Mixed Bouquet, they’re blooming big and bold this time of year.

Boss Mum with Rainbow Tulips

The New Mum

Motherhood is a blessing and you deserve to pop your feet up.

Whether totally new to Motherhood or there’s a newborn in the family this year, let a new Mum know she’s doing a wonderful job. The White Elegant Hatbox would be a great arrangement to send along with a message to tell them you’re thinking of them and you’ll babysit anytime! 

New Mum with Hatbox Flowers

The Designer Mum

Super stylish and enjoying the luxe way of life.

On trend, premium and luxurious, a designer Mum loves to be spoiled and feel cherished by her family! There is only one arrangement to send, the Soft Pink Mixed Bouquet. Timeless, stylish and ahead of the trend, she’s dressed to the nine’s and a true style icon. 

Designer Mum with Soft Pink Bouquet

The Mumma Bear

Big heart; always there with advice, help and love.

Maybe not your Mum directly, but a Grandma, Auntie, Neighbour or old family friend. All Mumma Bears are the same, they are there when you need them with advice or a cuddle. A Blushing Bouquet is the perfect arrangement to gift, as it’s filled with warmth and everlasting love! (Also great to dry out after and enjoy for longer).

Muma Bear with beautiful bouquets

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