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> How to Care for and Style Your Fresh Cut Tulips to Perfection

How to Care for and Style Your Fresh Cut Tulips to Perfection


Tulip Care


With their vibrant colours and silky-smooth petals, it’s easy to see why tulips are one of the world’s favourite flowers. Centuries ago they featured in Persian and Turkish art and culture, but when they arrived in Holland early in the 17th century, their popularity went to a whole new level. In fact, during ‘tulip mania’ in Amsterdam, prices skyrocketed to a point where a single bulb of Tulip ‘Semper Augustus’ was worth more than a house!


Today, tulips may not command such a hefty price tag, but they remain as popular as ever.


Red tulips are ideal as a romantic gift, as they are known to symbolise perfect love. Yellow tulips spread cheerful thoughts, purple represents royalty and white conveys forgiveness.


Their ability to instantly brighten a room with a simple, yet stylish elegance is almost unrivalled, which makes tulips a great choice as a floral gift for every occasion.


As a cut flower, tulips are hard to beat. They are versatile, look stunning and with the right care will even continue to grow in your vase! So, if you’re lucky enough to receive a bunch of these gorgeous blooms, or decide to treat yourself, read on to learn how to care for and style tulips to perfection.

Tulip Care

How to Care for Cut Tulips in a Vase


To get the most from your arrangements, follow these simple tulip flower care tips:

Start with the Right Vase

Tulips will continue to grow after they are cut, as much as 5 cm. For this reason, a vase that covers around half of the height of the stems is a good choice as it allows them to stretch out. If you’re wondering how to arrange tulips in a round vase, you can stop them from drooping by giving the stems a regular trim.

Tulip Care

Give Your Tulips Lots of Fresh Water

Your tulips need plenty of water to stay bright and happy, so be sure to top your chosen vase up to around three-quarters full. Keep an eye on the water level as tulips are thirsty flowers. To keep them looking their best, change the water every second day. You can also try adding flower food to the water to extend their life – some people also swear by lemon juice, a coin tossed in, or a half teaspoon of sugar to do the same job.

Trim Your Stems

To allow your tulips to continue growing while in the vase, cut their stems on an angle. Do this every second day when you change the water, and the stems will act like straws, drinking the water and encouraging more growth.

Avoid Too Much Sun

Tulips grow and open based on the sunlight they receive, but give them too much once the flowers open and they tend to wilt faster. For this reason, a spot on a table or shelf out of direct heat and sunlight is best.

Tulip Care

Match Them Carefully

Their bright colours make them a popular choice in mixed arrangements, but while most flowers are a great match with tulips, some don’t mix well. Tulips can be sensitive to daffodils or narcissus, as they can cause them to wilt faster. So, instead, pair them with roses, lilies or gerberas.

Easy Care, Maximum Style

The elegance and beauty of tulips make them a favourite choice as a gift for loved ones. Simple to care for and easy to style, you can’t go wrong!

Creative Ideas to Arrange and Style Tulips

One of the best things about tulips is that they look great with minimal effort. However, if you’re wondering how to arrange tulips in a vase to perfectly complement your personal style and tastes, check out these clever ideas.



Tulip Care


Rustic Elegance: To add some rustic romance to your home with tulips, place your tulips in a clear glass vase or large jar, then tie jute string around the neck, for an effortless but stunning rustic display. This arrangement instantly brings a touch of country cottage to your home!



Stylishly Split: While tulips look great in a large arrangement, they look equally impressive when separated into smaller vases displayed together. Find two or three vases or empty bottles that are a similar size and split your tulips between them. You can opt for an elegant monochrome effect by using white, pink or red, or create a statement with a contrast of mixed colours – yellow or orange in a blue bottle repurposed as a vase works particularly well.


Artfully Arranged: Choose a short vase and display your tulips in front of a plain white wall or other raised platform. The beauty, colour and form of the arrangement will look like a work of art - sure to draw attention! This one is for you if you like a touch of minimalism but with a splash of colour.


Tulip Care


Perfect Petals: Here’s a bonus tip – after a week or so when your tulips start to wilt, don’t toss them. Carefully remove the petals and display them in a glass bowl to add a fragrant and creative touch to a hall table, living area or your kitchen.

Make the Most of Australia’s Tulip Season!

In season and abundant in Australia right now, it’s the perfect time to add a splash of colour and style to your home or office with a gorgeous bouquet of tulips. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, they’re also a great gift idea for mum.


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