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> Flowers for International Friendship Day

Flowers for International Friendship Day

International Friendship day is celebrated on July 30th every year and we couldn’t be more on board with a day that celebrates our friends, besties and the good times you enjoy together. We’ve compiled our list of favourite friends, so you can reminisce about all the joyful times you’ve spent with your friends, and send your thanks and love with some beautiful flowers delivered this weekend.

The Best Friend

Some might say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but really, it’s the best friends in our life that shine as bright as diamonds. For the friend you can sing every lyric to Taylor Swift with or quote every word in The Notebook, this is a friendship filled with pure joy, love, and loyalty. Tell them they’re the best with a beautiful bunch of flowers - order online and we will deliver your love today with same day delivery.

Spoil them with: Summer Love

Friendship flowers delivered

The Friend That’s Like Family

For that friend that has your mum’s number on speed dial, will walk in and help themself to your fridge and most importantly, will always stand by you no matter what - they’re practically family. Whilst not blood, the love is so strong and it’s a friendship that truly matters. This relationship is solid and reliable, so we’d recommend a native floral bunch as they’re strong and hardy - just like your friend!

Treat them to: Native Bouquet

The Friend You Grew Up With

Your first friend is definitely one to celebrate, having been there from day one and celebrated many of life's firsts with you. Whilst you might not still live close or see each other regularly, you know it’s a forever friendship with memories to cherish. Send this friend one of our Teacup floral arrangements and spark some joyful childhood memories, perhaps teddy-bear dinner parties or playful dress ups? Add some T2 tea for an elegant grown-up flourish.

Send them: Secret Garden Teacup - on offer, save $15.

Best friend flowers online

The Friend You Can Always Rely On

Here’s to the friend that is here to nurture you, support you and to sit in pyjamas eating takeaway with you whenever you’re feeling low. It’s the friend that you can rely on no matter what, particularly when you need a good cry (we all have those days!) This International Friendship Day, order online and gift them flowers. Show your endless appreciation of their love with the delightful pinks in one of our new floral arrangements from the Love Collection.

Deliver them: Endless Love Petite

The Friend For Adventures

Leading the pack when it comes to beach trips, mountain hikes or spontaneous group trips, this friend has a wild streak and loves to pull you in on all their adventurous fun. A few persuasive conversations with this adventure enthusiast and you’ll be 15,000ft in the sky ready to skydive over the Great Barrier Reef. Say thank you for always pushing you out of your comfort zone with gorgeous flowers delivered.

Gift them: Wild Love Petite

Flowers for friends delivered

The Friend at Work

You spend five days a week, eight hours a day and 124,800 minutes a year with this person! That’s a lot of time shared and you will likely have seen this person at both their most stressed (work project) and their best (Christmas party!). Order flowers online for your work bestie and have them delivered to the office for International Friendship Day as a beautiful surprise!

Order them: Sunflower Bouquet 15 - on offer, save $10.

The Friend Zone

This particular friend holds a special place in your heart. You may have been friends for a short time or a long time, but perhaps you feel it could be something more. Give them a little hint and let them know with a sweet delivery of blooms, to get them thinking maybe this could be something bigger than friends.

Hint Hint: Euphoria Petite 

The meaning of friendship varies for everyone and the bonds we strike up are uniquely different. When it comes to friendship it is about quality and not quantity, make sure you cherish the important friends in your life and keep on celebrating the special moments to make magical memories together. Flowers will always make a gorgeous gift to say thank you, to check in or to say you’re the best.

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