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Gift Our Latest Fruit Hampers For Any Celebratory Occasion

Fruit Hampers For All Celebratory Occasions

Fruit Only Peach Sunrise

The latest fruit hampers added to our collection will have you making cocktails like you’re shaking your maracas. Each of these six fruit hampers are inspired by some of Australia’s most popular cocktails sipped on a beautiful sunny day. You’ll find fresh seasonal fruit with a bottle of your favourite spirit or sparkling wine. 

With the choice of Belvedere Vodka, Applewood Gin, Chivas Regal or Champagne, each surrounded by a mix of only the best fresh, seasonal fruit to match your drink choice, this gift will leave your lucky recipient clinking their glass and asking for more. Guaranteed to bring a smile and a lot of happiness, this is a unique gift perfect for any celebratory occasion.

If you’re looking to spark a little romance, you’ve got an anniversary coming up or you’re just celebrating a special love in your life, this fruit hamper will be the star of your date when you set up a summer’s picnic in the park or by the beach. Create a moment to remember with the Sparkling Moments With Moet fruit hamper; you’ll find a mix of strawberries, grapes, peaches and green apples to pick at whilst sipping on your champagne. Just don’t forget the blanket. (or the bottle opener)!

Fruit Only Gin Fizz with Applewood

If you’re looking for a fun girls night in, look no further than the Citrus Twist With Belvedere fruit hamper. This lush hamper is filled with a delicious blend of citrus fruits, fresh mint and a 700ml bottle of Belvedere vodka. As long as you’ve got the cocktail shakers to hand, you and the girls can enjoy a night trying different cocktails and having a good giggle. We’d recommend trying the Citrus Twist cocktail and take a read here if you want to learn how to garnish your cocktail with the perfect citrus peel twist!

If that annual big family dinner is coming up, or there’s a birthday or celebration, try the Gin Fizz With Applewood fruit hamper for something all can enjoy. Gin is becoming more and more popular everyday in Australia, and believe us, when we say Applewood gin is one of the best, we mean it. Applewood is distilled in the Adelaide Hills, using only native ingredients such as rare desert limes, native wattleseed and peppermint gum. Combine this with the zesty fruits found in the hamper and it will make the perfect aperitif!

Whatever your occasion, choose one of these cocktail-inspired fruit hampers to help you celebrate. These fruit hampers are the epitome of summer fun, good times and laughing with friends. Take a look at the full range here and choose your favourite to celebrate with this summer.

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