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What To Consider When Planning A Funeral

Planning a funeral: what you need to consider…

Roses Only Funeral Flowers

When a loved one passes away, along with feeling the utmost grief and sadness, there’s also the task of arranging a funeral. When it comes to funerals, there are a lot of decisions to be made quickly and it can be hard to understand where to begin. There are many important aspects that need to be considered, we are here to support you with beautiful funeral flowers.  

The Funeral Director

A funeral director will be your main contact and helping hand whilst arranging a funeral; not only do they organise all of the necessities, but they are also highly empathetic and will give you a lot of comfort during the process. The key responsibilities of a funeral director would be to organise whether the deceased has a burial or is cremated, a celebrant for the service itself and they will organise the logistics for the day in terms of location, cemeteries, transportation and timings. Your funeral director can give you as much support as you’d like, just let them guide you, provide you with options and allow them to make the funeral planning process as simple as possible. 

Roses Only Funeral Flowers

The Funeral Service

Your funeral director will talk you through the varying types of funeral service you can have for your loved one, ranging from a traditional full service funeral to a direct funeral in which there is no service and therefore making this the cheapest option.

Whilst all funerals are different and are customized to reflect the personality of the deceased, the most popular choice of funeral service is to follow the traditional set up. A traditional funeral service includes a viewing, a funeral ceremony and then the burial or cremation. 

Viewing - allows the family of the deceased to say goodbye before the funeral, usually the day before. This can be held at the funeral home, a chapel or in the family home and you can choose to have the casket open or closed. Although daunting, a viewing is actually a great way to help deal with grief and allows the family to reflect and spend one last moment together.

Funeral Ceremony - the ceremony is the funeral service itself. This is the time you can invite all the friends and family of the deceased to come together, pay their respects and honor the life of your loved one. A funeral ceremony can consist of eulogies from selected people, songs or hymns and music, readings of books or poems, photos and videos to show special memories. Of course, there will also be different traditions and customs depending on religion, ethnicities and faith. 

Roses Only Funeral Flowers

Burial / Cremation - following the ceremony, the body is transported to the cemetery for burial or cremation. There are traditions like following the funeral car in a procession and being the first to throw dirt on the grave. 

Funeral Reception - it’s customary to continue the funeral service with a reception at the home. This gives friends and family the chance to share stories, memories and support each other. You could do things like serve your loved ones favourite food, have a memorial tree where people can write down their memories, put out mementos and favourite items.  

Flowers For The Funeral Service

It’s nice to have flowers at the funeral service, they’re a touching tribute to a life that is lost. Most people opt for a casket spray arranged on top of the coffin and accompany this with sprays, wreaths, bouquets and vase arrangements. The flowers chosen are a personal choice, choosing colours and stems that the deceased loved. 

Roses Only has a beautiful collection of funeral flowers and with a deep understanding of your grief and love, our professional team of florists are here to stand by your side in this time of mourning. We work with a number of independent funeral directors or you can order funeral flowers yourself through the website or our Corporate team.

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