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> The most fashionable flower revealed

The most fashionable flower revealed


Roses Only has deep dived into the mysterious realms of social media and discovered that a luxurious and exotic flower has risen through the ranks to be dubbed our most fashionable and Instagramable bloom.  

The Roses Only team has crowned the Phalaenopsis orchid as the latest floral trend setter, topping hashtags across Instagram and TikTok. 



Phalaenopsis orchids certainly carry the luxe factor and we’ve heard a lot of chatter about them of late, as well as an increased amount of customer demand. If you’re looking to impress someone with impeccable taste, these blooms are the ideal choice, as they display effortless sophistication and taste.


This tropical flower has risen in popularity as a gifted bouquet, houseplant and, of course, as social media content. There are thousands upon thousands of orchid varieties, but the Phalaenopsis orchids are a clear favourite and standout among them – they are universally adored. 



Phalaenopsis orchids are very much a ‘look but don’t touch’ type of flower, in fact, they are so delicate that they are delivered in cotton balls from the suppliers. However, despite being a delicate flower, gifted bouquets of Phalaenopsis orchids are durable and can last up to three weeks if cared for properly. 


Roses Only currently offers a stunning arrangement of white Phalaenopsis orchids with more colours to be made available in the coming weeks. 

For even more luxury, you can add some extras to your order such as a delicious bottle of wine, gourmet Pure Indulgence chocolates, a gift card, glass vase or even a teddy bear.  



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