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Date Gift & Ideas With Hampers Only

Date Ideas With Hampers Only

Whether you're on your first date or married for years, trying to think of an impressive experience for that special someone can be hard. So we've done the hard work for you! Take a peek at our top date ideas listed by couple type to ensure you're creating "those fuzzy feels" and avoiding those awkward silences!

Everything But The Cheese Gift Hamper

Adventurous Types

You're the kind of person that loves a rush, often out zooming around on motorbikes, climbing rock faces and competing in MMA as a hobby. Setting up a heart-pumping date creates a great shared experience, and also weeds out any prospective incompatible partners (fast!).

Getting the adrenaline going with the help of a stunning view is a great way to start, so book an afternoon of Parasailing in a picturesque location, or locking in a Skydive over your closest beach. You could alternatively find a guided climbing hike, to work up a sweat (and a fear of death) before taking in amazing views from a mountaintop. 

After feeling that rush together, really set the scene for romance with a Veuve with Treats or Wine Celebrations Premium White with Riedel Glasses. Arrange to deliver to the tour operator and set up a fantastic surprise at the end of your experience. Even if there's no romantic spark, you can both toast that you're still alive.

Summer Hamper With Mumm

Outdoors Adjacent

For those with a bit of get-up-and-go, but only after hitting the snooze button a few times, try a date that reflects your balanced lifestyle. Basking in the glow of nature is a great way to bond with a prospective flame and keeps the scenery interesting even if the conversation halts.

Outdoor cinemas offer a great opportunity to get to know someone before the credits roll. Order a Sweet and Savoury Food Hamper to share a few nibbles and banter before sitting back under the stars to watch a box office hit or retro classic.

For major romance points without the cheese factor, set yourself up an impressive picnic with a view and order in an Everything But The Cheese with Mumm hamper. Pick up your favourite fromage, spread out a rug, open the trunk and have a feast on delicious rosemary crackers, olive tapenade and chocolate covered macadamias while toasting to your genius of a date idea. Don't forget an extra blanket for snuggling up at sunset.

Pink Pamper Hamper

Indoor Brigade

You're the type of person who's happy to hang out and potter at home or perhaps indulge in the latest thriller, from the couch of course. Play to your strengths and organise a date night in a cosy cafe or set up a fun night at home. After all, you want to bond with someone who gets your chilled out personality right?

Show your creative side by booking into a painting night, or life drawing for something more risque. Try both working on the same canvas to test out how your chemistry works together. Even if the end result on the canvas is a little more abstract, it will certainly help test your compatibility.

If you're keen to stay at home, find out their favourite genre and lock in some serious episodes of a new show. Make it official with a Sweet Seduction Chocolate Gift Hamper to enjoy some delectable chocolate treats while bonding over the epic (or terrible) storylines. If you're really stuck inside in lockdown, there's always dating on video chat. Send yourself and your date a TGIF Drinks Hamper hamper and enjoy some treats and wine while getting to know one another better.

Full Blown Romance

When it's time to really impress that special someone, consider pulling out all the stops and tapping into some full romance. Bust out your inner Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, and book into a dance class. Before you know it you'll be whirling around the dancefloor and swept off your feet.

Classics are timeless for a reason, so amp up the romance with a dinner date at a fine dining restaurant. The key to success on this date is to select a restaurant they're going to like, and prepare for post-dinner activities like a scenic walk or checking out a great cocktail bar.

For a next level date, book a weekend away overlooking mountains and making sure there's a nice big bath-tub. Jump right in and set up the perfect romantic relaxation bath with a Premium Pink Pamper Hamper. Pop the Chandon Rose on ice, add bath soak to a full hot tub, light that scented Ecoya candle and relax together while enjoying some delicious white chocolate covered raspberries. Absolute Bliss!

Something extra...

As a last touch after your date, consider sending a thankyou (or the next date request!) via a gorgeous bouquet of romantic blooms from Roses Only. No matter what kind of date you're planning, there's always a way to amplify the wow-factor with a Hampers only hamper.

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