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Celebrating The Chinese New Year - Year Of The Ox

Happy Chinese New Year - the year of the Ox!

Chinese New Year the year of the Ox

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is a very important event for families in China as they often spend the week-long public holiday together with celebrations consisting of decorating, dinner, fireworks and gifts. There are over three weeks of celebrations, starting with preparations and a thorough cleaning of their home, a Chinese New Year’s Eve reunion dinner with the family, the lighting of fireworks and firecrackers on the first day of the New Year and then a further two weeks of visiting family, gift exchange and more celebrations. 

Gift a fruit or flowers for Chinese New Year

A traditional gift exchange is for married couples / the elderly to give out red envelopes containing money to the children in their family as an act of good fortune and luck, suppressing the evil spirit. In addition to this, gifts such as fruits, chocolates and wine are also exchanged between families and friends during their celebratory visits. 

We have a great selection of flowers, fruit and hampers that would make an excellent gift choice. There are floral arrangements filled with vibrant red and yellow flowers, fruit hampers brimming with this season’s best and gift hampers to suit all tastes, with a fine collection of wines to accompany them all too. Take a look at our Chinese New Year gift ideas here.

Cheska from our Newcastle florist studio would recommend our range of vibrant red or yellow roses as an ideal gift to celebrate the Chinese New Year or you can pass on some good luck with the Radiant Orchids Pot. If you’re celebrating a birthday or a new birth in the year of the Ox, the Bewitching Bouquet would be the perfect gift as it epitomizes the Ox’s lucky colours.

If you’re unable to spend the Chinese New Year celebrations with your family this year, you can count on us to deliver your love and best wishes in the form of flowers, fruit and hampers across Australia.

Chinese New Year: The Ox - did you know?

  • Lucky numbers are 1 and 4, lucky flowers are peach blossoms and tulips and their lucky colours are white, yellow and green.
  • The Ox is most compatible with the Rat, Monkey and Rooster.
  • This year is the year of the Metal Ox; they’re hardworking, active, always busy and popular among friends.

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