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> The Best Flowers to Send Mum on Mother’s Day

The Best Flowers to Send Mum on Mother’s Day

The Best Flowers to Send Mum on Mother’s Day


Mother's Day Flowers


Despite all the gifting trends that come and go each year, a bouquet of fresh flowers is the traditional and most popular way to wish Mum a happy Mother’s Day. And for good reason: Giving flowers is a simple, unpretentious gesture but one that instantly brightens her day.


With flowers, there’s always a huge range of colours, types and presentation styles to choose from so there’s always something to suit mums of all ages and tastes! However, if you’re not sure what she likes (and what she doesn’t like) it can be hard to know where to start.


Of course, you can always play it safe and go for chrysanthemums, the traditional Mother’s Day flowers in Australia or carnations which are popular worldwide as Mother’s Day flowers. But don’t be restricted by tradition or popularity! There are so many other beautiful flowers available that would make an ideal gift.


So, whether you want to show your love and appreciation to your own mum, your grandma, the mother of your children or any mum you know who’s doing a great job, read on to learn our top picks for the perfect Mother’s Day flowers.

Are Roses a Good Choice for Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day Flowers


If you’re looking for the ideal flower to express your love for mum on her special day, an elegant arrangement of Mother’s Day roses is hard to beat. A universal symbol of love, roses make a stunning gift and are a gorgeous way to show your love and gratitude to mum for all she’s done.


Whether you choose a simple bouquet in her favourite colour, an elaborate arrangement presented in a vase or presentation box, or one of the many beautiful options in between, saying happy Mother’s Day with roses is bound to make her feel blessed.

Pink Roses Mean You Care for Mum

While red roses are perfect for romantic occasions like Valentine’s Day, pink roses are a great choice for mothers. Some of the meanings attached to pink roses include affection, care, appreciation, gentleness and admiration – and who is the first person that springs to mind when you think of those things? Mum of course! That’s why pink roses for Mother’s Day get a big tick from us.

White Roses Symbolise the Purity of Motherhood

White roses are another fitting gift for mums, as they symbolise purity and innocence and are often connected to spiritual love. There’s nothing purer than the love between a mother and her child, so wishing your mum with white roses is another popular option.

Yellow Roses Mean Mum is Your Best Friend

Yellow roses are bright, cheery and symbolise friendship, care and joy. So, if your mum is more than your mother, and is also your best friend too, an arrangement of yellow roses could be the right choice.

Lilies are a Great Choice for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Flowers

Imagine Mother’s Day brunch with a big, beautiful bouquet of fresh lilies sitting pretty on the table! If understated sophistication is your mum’s style, you cannot go wrong with oriental lilies.


They smell amazing and come in an array of gorgeous colours and styles. They also look fantastic in a single or multi-colour bunch, and when included in a mixed bouquet with other flowers, they really do elevate it to something really special!


- Pink lilies express love, admiration and understanding

- White lilies symbolise purity

- Yellow lilies expresses happiness

- Orange lilies stand for warmth in a relationship


All great sentiments to share with mum, so why not go for a bright and beautiful mixed colour bouquet?

Bonus Tips from our Florists: What Colour Flowers Symbolise Mother’s Day?

If you want to add an extra level of meaning to your Mother’s Day gift, take a moment to know a little more about the symbolism of the flower colours you choose:

Pink is the Most Common Colour for Mother’s Day Flowers

No matter which flower you choose, pink is perhaps the prettiest colour! When it comes to Mother’s Day, there’s a lovely selection of pink flowers to choose from to suit the tastes of every mum. From the traditional favourites of chrysanthemums and carnations, to bright and happy gerberas and stylish tulips, you can find a pink flower to match her style.


You could opt for a simple bouquet of her favourite pink flower or make a statement with flowers gracefully arranged in a dainty pink teacup!

Yellow Flowers Will Lift Mum’s Mood

There’s something seriously uplifting about yellow flowers. They just make you want to smile! Mum is sure to love a bright and cheery bunch of yellow blooms - especially if she’s been through a tough time recently. Ask your florist to include yellow gerberas or tulips in your arrangement to add some sunshine to your gift.

Plant Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Flowers


If your mum loves to garden, or you’re looking for a longer lasting gift, a living potted plant could be the right choice.


Your best bet is to choose something that’s easy to care for and can be kept inside so she can admire it throughout the day while at home or at work. Potted orchids are always popular, as they look gorgeous and can bloom for a long period of time. Succulents are another great choice, as they look stylish, add a nice touch of greenery to interiors and best of all, they require minimal maintenance to keep them happy and healthy.


The Best Mother’s Day Wishes Come from the Heart


Of course, if your mum has a favourite flower we haven’t mentioned above, that should be your first choice. Maybe mum likes native flowers such as banksias or waratahs? If so, a native posy is the perfect fit. Or maybe she has a sweet tooth or loves a glass of bubbly? You could always add chocolates and champagne to your gift to really up the wow factor.


At the end of the day mum will likely love whatever flowers you choose – because they’ve come from you! But to show her how much she means to you and express your love and gratitude for everything she’s done for you and taught you over the years, put some time and effort into finding her the perfect bunch. Because she’s worth it!

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