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The Art of Gifting 


Kellie Hush x Roses Only

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Former Harper’s BAZAAR editor-in-chief and Klarna content editor Kellie Hush reveals why flowers will be her go-to gift for Christmas 2020. 

Kellie Hush former Bazaar editor-in-chief

How seriously do you take your gift-giving? Are you a last-minute person? Someone who starts putting things away months in advance (sometimes even forgetting you’ve actually bought it)? A thoughtful list-maker? A bulk buyer?

Personally, I fall into the “advance” category as I’m usually so busy in the lead up to Christmas I’m afraid there will be nothing under the tree if I don’t start shopping in September. But this year feels a little different as I don’t want to be practical, I want to do something spontaneous, surprising and memorable for the loved ones in my life and the friends and colleagues who have made my 2020 a little bit easier. 

The festive season in 2020 will absolutely look different from the past, but that’s all the more reason to celebrate. And it’s my goal this Christmas to put a smile on a lot of faces … with a lot of flowers!

Kellie Hush in the Roses Only Sydney florist studio

I had the wonderful privilege of creating four bouquets for Roses Only recently and when I arrived at Sydney headquarters, I had no idea what would inspire me when I stood at the work table. There were vases and vases of beautiful flowers in magical colours. Where to start? I immediately thought about the colours I love to fill my home with and the flowers that make me happy every time I walk by. 

We have all spent so much time at home this year so don’t underestimate how much visual joy a beautiful bouquet of flowers will add to very familiar spaces this Christmas.  

But back to my bouquets. I have named them Pop Art, Wishlist White, Bold Blooms and Pink Perfection. I love bold colour and the eye-catching impact a beautiful bouquet of coloured stems can have on a room. I also love classic white flowers and see them just like the perfect little black dress, always in fashion. I also love tonality, which is why all those amazing soft pink hues look so incredible mixed together in Pink Perfection.  

If you think it’s going to be a challenge choosing the perfect bouquet for someone, don’t overthink it, just do it. In 2005 a scientific study by professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones found that gifting flowers always elicited the Duchenne smile, a smile that signals true enjoyment. She also found that three days after flowers arrived the bouquet was still making the recipient happy. And flowers given to men or women spontaneously elicited more joy than anything else. If there ever was a year to spread the joy with a bunch of beautiful blooms it is now. 



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