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Kellie Hush former Harper's Bazaar editor in chief

Small celebrations are just as big 


Kellie Hush x Roses Only

Brought to you by Klarna, to help you gift it now and pay it later. Kellie Hush explains how small gestures can have a big impact. 

Bold Blooms from Kellie Hush x Roses Only collection

I have been reflecting a lot on last year and all of the challenges 2020 presented and there’s a thesis in it. No doubt you could write your own thesis too. I’m going to keep mine inside my head for now, but what I will share is this: last year I got really good at celebrating the small stuff and it’s something I want to take into the future.

Once upon a time I’d finish a project then quickly move onto the next. The kids would get their school reports I’d give them a hug, or a stern chat, and we’d move onto the next thing. Or a friend would face a hurdle and I’d give them a call, maybe a follow-up text , then life would get busy … again. Not now. I stop and reflect. I go to yoga if my head is a bit busy or a long walk with my husband. A glass of wine with a mate. And out to dinner with my family as my kids love “fancy” Chinese.

Pink Perfection from Kellie Hush x Roses Only collection

Slow it down and to start recognising small achievements is something we all need to do. Your achievements and those of others. I can’t tell you how much pleasure I got out of clearing out my wardrobe recently. It wasn’t just a superficial clean it was a deep clean. I pulled everything out and went through every piece. If it was tight it went onto the charity pile. If I hadn’t worn it for a year onto the charity pile it went. If it needed ironing ditto. Honestly, I haven’t ironed in years and I’m not about to start in 2021. I even conducted an audit on my accessories and sold several items I hadn’t used in years. I’d much prefer a fabulous bag was used by a new owner who loved it than it sit in my wardrobe for another year or two. I also have a hard fashion rule: if I don’t feel great wearing it, get rid of it. It was a big job, massive actually, and worth celebrating with a big glass of wine.

I’m now also a firm believer in sending flowers when least expected. I was having a tough time back in May and a beautiful friend of mine sent me flowers out-of-the-blue. It was a beautiful all-white bunch of blooms with a simple message: “Hope you’re doing OK.” It was such a gorgeous gesture. It truly made my week.

And then just before Christmas I had dinner with my best friend and she had a bunch of flowers on the table for when I arrived. It was so lovely and unexpected and she’s the one moving 1000 km away! She knows she is leaving a big void behind.

When was the last time you sent a loved one a bunch of flowers out of the blue? I have already started by sending a few special people a bouquet from my Kellie Hush X Roses Only collection. Big celebrations are important too, so don’t stop sending flowers on birthdays and anniversaries but maybe sneak in a few bouquets when someone you care about, admire or want to acknowledge is least expecting it. A small gesture can truly make a big impact. And that’s my mantra for 2021.

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By Kellie Hush,

Klarna Content Editor and former Editor-In-Chief of Harper's BAZAAR.

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